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Understand the essential elements
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When you don't know, what you don't know...

Educator Jen Flakemore has over 20 years experience in healthcare practice management. She has taught the Diploma of Leadership and Management  lectured in practice management for the Bachelor of Health Science and run workshops for practice managers and practice staff in Geelong, Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

Jen has developed the New Manager Program to help practice managers more efficiently get a handle on the complexity of management in the general practice world.  The program is ideal for the manager coming from outside of healthcare or for the new manager stepping up into the role.

Jen is a Certified Practice Manager, a Fellow of the Australian Association of Practice Managers and has qualifications in Business Management (Dip Bus Mgt), Human Resources (Dip HR), Psychology (BA) and Training and Assessing (Cert IV).

“Words cannot describe the amount of knowledge I gained from Jen’s consultancy sessions.  As a brand new general practice manager the education was invaluable.  Whether new to the game or a seasoned professional, you will benefit from her years of practical experience.”  Renee – Practice Manager


“Jen travelled to regional Victoria to provide two days of face-to-face training for me.  Our practice is a little diverse, being part of a hospital and she was able to break down the different elements, explaining them in easy to understand conversation.  Jen was able to guide me through the legal, financial and human side of general practice, setting me up to succeed in the role.  I refer to the discussions we had almost every day.”   Jannah – Practice Manager

GP Practice New Manager Program

General practice management is specialised and complex.  The GP Practice New Manager Program provides intensive face to face training (or via Zoom) with an experienced practice manager.  We concentrate on the areas the new manager needs to know for effective and efficient assimilation into their role. The program is ideal for managers coming from other areas of healthcare or general management or for those stepping up into the role from a senior receptionist or office manager position.

 If a new manager isn’t sure what needs to be done for the PIP CQI incentive, is unaware of the compliance requirements of general practice or doesn’t understand what to do in the event of a privacy breach this can result in serious costs to the practice and makes a complicated role even more so.

The New Practice Manager GP Program gives managers an understanding of general practice management that allows them to manage and lead at the level needed for your practice. 

 We give you a checklist of areas that your manager will need to know and you decide what you want covered.  When, where and for how long you want the training to take place is up to you.  We can also offer more in depth mentoring and assistance for specific areas such as managing teams or practice leadership.

Some of the areas we cover

The Relationship Between Government
and General Practice

General practice is partially funded by the Government, from Medicare to Practice incentive payments. What you need to know to.

The Business of General Practice

Understanding business planning, business structures, what insurances you need. How do you run your practice and run your business?

Financial Management

From budgeting to basic accounting principles. Key performance indicators, setting fees. What does it mean to be private/mixed/bulk billing? What other income streams are there?


General practice needs to be compliant across Accreditation standards, privacy legislation, FairWork, WHS. Understand the basics of what you need to do to keep your patients, your practice and your people safe.

Patient Management

Patient feedback, building loyalty through the patient journey, helping your team to manage those challenging patient behaviours.

Clinically, What You Need to Know

A basic understanding of the clinical matters such as reminders and recalls, infection control, cold chain as it relates to your role.

Building Your Team

We look at the recruitment process and how to give your new people the best chance of success, how you can identify accountabilities and responsibilities, how you can build a great team and a great culture.

Risk Management

Getting to grips with incident reporting, privacy breaches, what the legislation requirements are, what you need to do to keep your practice safe.

Leadership and Management

What practice leadership looks like and what practice management looks like and how to combine the two.

Looking After Yourself

Tips on building your network. professional development, when to ask for help and how to find it.

Particular Areas of Concern?

We are also happy to offer more in depth assistance if you wanted to go a little deeper in areas such as accreditation or performance management or whatever else concerns you!

Anything else? Just ask

We cover loads of different areas and are happy to add anything that you are interested in.