Consultancy and Support

Need a little help? We offer practical support.


Practice Management Assistance. How can we help?

We can help with queries or concerns in regard to the general management of your practice. Sometimes we all just need a little help, a little clarification or just need to know who to contact or where to find information.

We love working with new managers and new practices and giving a helping hand to understand the complexities of healthcare, teams and management.  We’ve lived it, taught it and keep learning every day.

What do we offer? What do you need?

An introduction to general practice

Get a checklist for what you need to know and what you need to do. See our Training and Education page for information on our new GP Manager Program

Accreditation basics

Not sure what accreditation means for your practice? Not sure where to start? We can help get you started and show you the way.

The Relationship between Government and Your Practice

Not sure how Medicare works? Need to know more about PIP's and WIP's? Want a better understanding of Shared Debt Recovery?

Building and Managing Your Team

Team building is more than just a yearly outing, it starts today and everyday. Managing your team throws up it's own challenges. Work out your plan for success.

Patient Management

Improving the way your practice responds to, and works with, your patients. They are the reason we're here.

Practice Management and Practice Leadership

Teaching the Diploma of Leadership and Management has given us a whole new awareness of the difference between the two. Your manager can and should be doing both.

The Business of Healthcare

From planning to practice. From insurances to systems and processes. From starting to flourishing.

Compliance and Risk Management

What we can do and what we need to do to make sure our practices are compliant.


The fundamentals of people management from planning your workforce to managing their performance.

Something different?

Want something different? Need help but not sure what help you need? We love practice management and we will help you with whatever aspects you find challenging and hopefully you'll learn to love it too!